Love Movie (2019)

R21 / German / 0 / 82 min

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Lenz (Eric Klotzsch) is a daydreamer. Charming, visionary and – as it is good manners for a 30-year-old in Berlin – radically incapable of decision making. After an intense party night, he wakes up next to Ira (Lana Cooper). The two have fallen for one another, and so the summer of love begins, with beers at the canal, and conversations about sex and childhood. Everything is beautiful. Up until the moment when Ira asks that one key question that changes everything: “Do you want to have kids?” Now is the time for Lenz to do what he knows best: when things get tricky, he runs off. In the simply-titled Love Movie, joint writer-directors, Robert Bohrer and Emma Rosa Simon, deliver a romantic film brimming with originality.

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