Like The Dyer's Hand (2021)

PG / Mandarin / / 120 min

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Like the Dyer's Hand documents the life of traditional Chinese literature scholar Florence Chia-ying YEH (1924-), a master of Chinese classical poetry. She went through war and political persecution, and spent many years overseas. After returning to China in her later life, Yeh continued to create, inherit, teach, and restore the lifeline of classical poetry that was interrupted by the Cultural Revolution in China. Du Fu's Eight Episodes of Qiu Xing is Yeh's most important research masterpiece. The eight poems of Qiu Xing depict the rise and fall of China's prosperous Tang Dynasty. This is used as a metaphor for the turbulent years experienced by Yeh herself. Musician Somei Sato creates the film soundtrack based on the eight poems of Qiu Xing, combined with elegant and modern music, bringing new life to Du Fu's poetry.

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