Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet (2021)

PG13 / Japanese / / 1 Hour 50 Minutes

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Japan is about to celebrate the world`s largest sports festival, "WSG-World Sports Games", in Tokyo. In line with the opening ceremony, it is announced that the world`s first "Vacuum Superconducting Linear" train, boasting a maximum speed of 1,000 km/h which combined all of Japan`s technologies, will be opened to the public. As the world`s attention is garnered, an incident occurs at a party venue where famous tournament sponsors are gathered, leading to an abnormal situation where top dogs of companies are kidnapped. Behind the scenes are Shuichi Akai who monitors the incident, and the FBI who waits for orders from Akai. Conan`s reasoning reveals the relevance of the apocalyptic WSG kidnapping incident that occurred in Boston, USA, 15 years ago, and that the incident was also under the jurisdiction of the FBI then. The coincidence is intriguing that it is happening in Japan this time - when many people from all over the world are gathered together.

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