Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei (2018)

PG / Mandarin / Comedy / 132 min

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Liang Xi Mei (Jack Neo) is finally back! Now retired, Liang Xi Mei spends her time looking after her obedient grandchildren. However, Robert (Mark Lee), her eldest son adds to her woes as he is always dreaming of making a fortune through easy means. She pins all her hopes on her youngest son, Albert (Benjamin Josiah Tan). Her favouritism stirs up jealousy within Robert, who vows to strike it rich to win Liang Xi Mei’s approval. By chance, Robert picks up the doll that is actually the Goddess of Fortune! She helps Robert but also appeals to him to be more down to earth and practical in his pursuit of success and wealth. Instead, he turns into an ingrate as soon as his hawker business takes off. His arrogance incurs the wrath of the God of Misfortune who decides to teach him a lesson. Soon, trouble ensues among Liang Xi Mei’s family and their best friends Guang Dong Po (Wang Lei) and Lion King (Henry Thia). Will they get through this headache of a situation together as a family?

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Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei Reviews

Jazrina G Chan
14 February 2018
Nice show !
Overall: 5
Very funny , educational movie ! Thumbs up!

Jonathan Cheong
18 February 2018
Hilarious haha
Overall: 5
Watched this twice!! First with friends then family. Jack neo still as comedic as ever

Regent Neo
18 February 2018
Great family movie
Overall: 5
Family over money. Money isn't everything! Teaches great life lessons, esp for families and it helps children understand the value of money and family (elders). Best CNY movie available! HANDS DOWN!

Donavan Ho
18 February 2018
Overall: 5
Well done, all jack neo movies is damn nice!!!

18 February 2018
Watch if you need a laugh
Overall: 5
Watched black panther and monster hunt. This movie the best choice I feel. Liang ximei still the funniest. Kudos to Jack neo and team!

18 February 2018
Laughter is the best medicine
Overall: 5
Funny film, suitable for family maybe except knn haha

Brenda lee
18 February 2018
Family first
Overall: 5
Grew up with ximei, Robert and lion king. Love their funny acting and good message at the end. Family number 1

J Tan
18 February 2018
Thumbs up!
Overall: 5
I shall say Different people has different views for this movie.. I totally agreed with family are more important than anything in this world.. money can be earned but u can’t buy a family.. Great movie! Good job Jack Neo!

Hoe Johan
18 February 2018
Family Movie
Overall: 5
Laughed a lot throughout the entire movie. There are product placement but not as much as ABTM4 so it’s still acceptable for me. Enjoyed the movie with family.

18 February 2018
Nice movie
Overall: 5
Love the movie!! Have watch twice and planning to watch it again with my friends. Definitely don’t want to miss it!!

Eileen Tan
5 March 2018
Meaningful movie. Educational
Overall: 5
Wasn’t as bad as expected. Was quite reluctant to watch as many commented that it’s not worth. But I didn’t regret watching it! Jack Neo style. Most importantly is the concept on money and family in the movie. Still worth to step in the theatre to watch.

24 February 2018
Good movie!
Overall: 5
Love it! Definitely wanna watch it

Stella Lee
28 February 2018
Meaningful movie
Overall: 5
Nice and meaningful movie.

Luke Ng
20 February 2018
Nice Movie
Overall: 5
Touching and meaningful

Alan Tan Joo Lye
28 May 2018
Overall: 5

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