Toy Story 4 Movie Poster

Toy Story 4

PG / English / Comedy / Animation / Family / 100 min

Director Josh Cooley 
Cast Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Tony Hale, Keegan-Michael Key, Maddie McGraw, Christina Hendricks, Jordan Peele, Keanu Reeves 
Release Date 20 June 2019


26 June 2019
Worth watching
Went without much expectation but I have to say I really think that it's a good watch. Definitely not a movie for kids only cos it was able to get me emotional at some parts of the movie..

21 June 2019
Toy story 4 feedback
Most of us thought that toy story 3 is the last movie but turns out toy story 4 came out. I went to watch the movie and it is a great movie it is sad that this is the last movie of toy story but I can tell you that it is worth to watch as you can see the transformation of Long journey from 1995 as an Andy toys to Bonnie toys.

Danish Putra
20 June 2019
Best movie ever
Toy Story 4: 10/10 A definite contender for best movie of all time, Toy Story 4 brilliantly portrays the fun and quirky team of Pixar/Disney toys. A fantastic original story that is fun for all ages, this movie will bring you to tears of both laughter and emotion. And for those who did not follow the series, it's okay because I didn't watch the first and the third. This movie can stand on its own. However I do recommend watching/reading the recaps of the other Toy Stories. A solid fun time, and quite possibly the best Disney movie ever. Please do take your time to watch this movie in the cinemas with your loved ones. A must watch for all. Mid Credits: Yes, several End credits: Yes, just a short one

20 June 2019
Loved it!
Such a heartwarming story about Woody being "lost" and finding his own path. It was fun and entertaining with lots of hilarious scenes (albeit the dolls which may seem creepy to some!).

Adeliah Quek
22 June 2019
Great movie
I am glad to be able to catch this movie, I remembered tearing in toy story 3. As soon as toy story 4 was released, my friends and I ran to catch it and it was great. I am so happy that they introduced a new character! I would say that toy story 3 was slightly better for me :)

Tiffany Gui
20 June 2019
brought a tear to my eye!! Toy Story was #childhood and it was incredibly bitter sweet to see the toys reunited on screen. fantastic plot with a good dash of humour

Beverly Lee
12 July 2019
Funny. Heartfelt. Progressive.
A once staunch anti-animated film naysayer nearly converted into an ardent animated movie connoisseur. AND THATS EXACTLY HOW GOOD TOY STORY 4 IS. I literally went into the movie with little to zero expectations and was completely blown away. I laughed, cried and basically had just a whole lot of fun. Great film with unexpecting progressive values with a strong and independent female protagonist to boot. Highly recommended.

Esther Teo
04 July 2019
‘No matter how much you love someone, if you’re feeling neglected/unappreciated, just go - A new adventure awaits you. If you allow yourself to be treated that way, then you’re just a toy.’ Saw that comment online & I couldn’t agree more! Amazing movie that taught you a lot about self love & self worth. 100% recommend!! Guaranteed teary eyes!

24 July 2019
My childhood movie
It doesn't put you through the emotional wringer the way its predecessor did, but it's consistently inventive, funny, witty, and heartfelt. In other words, it's a lot better than it has any right to be. It's more than good enough to justify its existence.

Puru Sharma
02 August 2019
A great way to end the story...
But will they? This the fourth time that the Toy Story series has had a tremendous ending. At the end of Toy Story 2 I thought they had ended the series perfectly. At the end of Toy Story 3 I thought that they had done the same. And at the end of this one, the same feeling arose. However, I doubt Disney is ready to kill this cash cow yet. Still, I'll continue to watch Toy Story like a sucker until Tom Hanks finally hangs his cowboy hat.

Grace Lim
03 July 2019
So so good
A very different plot and style compared to all the other movies. It's good to see how Toy Story grew up with us and the perspectives of how toys feel as we grow up. So real that indeed they have been left abandoned. But I like how the show also subtly addresses the realities of life through the toys. The insecurities we feel, we longing for a second chance. A heart warning and funny movie. Loved it!

Donovan Teo
15 August 2019
What’s up next?
This is the fourth movie in the sequel of the Toy Story franchise and the ending of this 4th one sets in motion many possible outcomes and storyline for the next. With Buzz Lightyear and Woodie separated, how will Toy Story continue? It would be interesting and exciting to see what’s up next in Toy Story 5!

Nicholas Cheong
23 August 2019
It was a heartwarming and touching story!! Funny and hilarious!! It's a must watch!! Great forthe kids and also for young adults to learn what is true friendship and what is loyalty!!

Tilak Benjamin Benith
07 July 2019
Nostalgic but nothing fantastic
It is definitely a good movie to relive the memory of Andy's toys but apart from that, it certainly wasn't better than Toy Story 3 or even the first 2 movies.

Aslin Haziqah
02 July 2019
Great Movie with Bittersweet Ending
Highly anticipated movie. Its even better than what i expected! Teared abit at the ending, my childhood movie. The effects and details that pixar put are top-notch!

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