Rambo V: Last Blood Movie Poster

Rambo V: Last Blood

NA / English / Action / Adventure / Thriller / NA

Director Adrian Grunberg 
Cast Sylvester Stallone, Adriana Barraza, Paz Vega, Yvette Monreal 
Release Date 19 September 2019


23 September 2019
It's damn gross. Overall is a nice movie with great actor and story line. But is damn gross for me the scene... Too bloody haha

John Ng
02 October 2019
Super violence
This is one of the most bloodiest and violence Rambo series, one of the best among all, Rambo my forever favourite.

Donovan Teo
05 October 2019
Awesome action!
Action filled and quite a few scenes of glore towards the second part. Brings back the memories of the legend of John Rambo from the 90s. I would love hope that this is not the last movie actually. Slyvester Stallone is still as hardcore although he is much older now; still as fit as ever.

01 October 2019
Catch it!
I babe never watched the previous parts but I have to say I enjoyed this one tremendously. Make sure to watch all the way to the end for a flashbacks on the previous parts-that is dambo in his younger days! Truly a transformation. It a classic example of the aging process being captured on the big screen.

Mike Teng
27 October 2019
My Rambo blood boil again
No fancy choreography, no crap talking, just straight to point killing enemies.its bring us all the wonderful memories it's given us at the end credit. Feel like go full gear run SOC after seeing this movie make my chao recruit blood boil again

Dare to watch
19 September 2019
Goriest Rambo film ever.
An action movie with a revenge theme. Sylvester Stallone dominates the screen one last time as John Rambo. It combines the comic-book fantasy of the former with the serio-comical splatter of the latter. An awe-inspiring avalanche of violence.

Warren Klass
09 October 2019
It’s Rambo
Just Rambo doing what he does best. Definitely a must watch and a worthy swan song to the Rambo story.

23 September 2019
Last of stallone?
Movie felt tired thruout like it was a last push for stallone. Nice movie to catch up on netflix or dvd but not really on the big screen

James CCG
07 November 2019
The storyline is pretty straightforward. Lots of action sequences & a little bit too bloody (lol). Overall, worth watching if you’re into Rambo.

Shamietra Rella
26 October 2019
It was pretty gruesome for me. Lots of slashing and killing and blood spilling- aptly named last blood. Left me feeling sick with the gore.

Movie Maniac
16 October 2019
Awesome movie
Love every minute of the show. Brutal killings and action packed story line. Typical Rambo movie! Thumbs up!

Lixing Wu
22 September 2019
Live up to the one man army cult classic. Script is easy to digest, great for fans around Sylvester's generation. Gory towards the end but you should be able to handle it. Go watch it on a week day when it is cheaper.

27 September 2019
Gore and bloody
Action is so so. Not as good as previous movie. Gore n bloody. Its John Rambo, everyone is expecting more.

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