Parasite Movie Poster


M18 / Korean / Drama / NA

Director Joon-Ho Bong 
Cast Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-Kyun, Jo Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-Shik, Park So-Dam 
Release Date 27 June 2019


Keon Teh
24 July 2019
Still feeling the chills
Honestly, did not expect to be blown off my seat. Gripping thriller from the middle part of the movie onwards. Can’t stop thinking about it!!

Connie Chong
22 September 2019
Interesting and good
A great and interesting plot. Storyline is good. The title and the content is really out of the box and expectation. A cycle of rotten people. Every scene on points.

16 July 2019
Good movie
Movie is worth to watch. Interesting plot throughout. Actors and actresses acting are all awesome. Worth watching!

Donovan Teo
05 September 2019
Emotional Rollercoaster
This movie deserves the award it got! The different emotions that it brought out in viewers at different scenes is crazy. There are so many things to feel about this movie. From the start, it gave such a dark atmosphere to their entire movie and that darkness final showed itself in the middle. The tension and suspense through the movie was well planned. Great movie to watch!!!!

Grace Tan
31 July 2019
The movie has great plot and wouldn’t guess the ending of what happen. At first was thinking what is this movie trying to show in trailer until my friend intro me this movie.

Fxza Zin
15 September 2019
No regrets not watching the trailer
Watched this movie based on the reviews! It was the best decision ever. The story picked up slow but the climax was the start of it all. There’s so many things to discuss about! It’s gonna take me awhile to move on with life, that’s how much it has impacted me. Brilliant movie!

02 July 2019
Script writer awesome. Worth the watch!
Exceeded my expectations and was a fantastic watch. Story flowed really well and yet really starkly highlighted the poor-rich divide. 100% worth the watch!

Gwen Goh
10 July 2019
Must watch
Excellent cast with an interesting plot portraying disparage of rich and poor. Humour involved go lightening the heavy mood.

Bob Coherent
11 March 2020
Where do I start with Parasite? It is captivating, fun, crazy, beautiful, and so much more. It blends genres together with ease, showcasing the mastery of its director. Bouncing from drama to mystery to black comedy and even elements of horror, it’s a wonderful ride that Parasite takes you on. The actors are all great. The sister very pretty I love her eyes, like a feline’s. Everyone sells their role exceptionally well. The music booms and complements the movie so well, with orchestras EVERYWHERE. But at the end of the day, Parasite tells a story reflecting the real world. Social class and blah blah. My words can’t paint a picture that vivid. You’ve gotta see it for yourself. It won’t disappoint, trust me.

Lin Shafie
29 February 2020
Edge of your seat Thriller
From the title and the general sypnosis, I couldn’t clearly tell what it was all about. Sitting down in the theatre with no inkling of what it truly is about, it was a mystery from the start. 20 minutes into the film, I was getting a rough idea. Then as it progresses on, I was so intrigued. As the plot thickens, I was blown away as me and my hubby was at the edge of seat, literally. Amazing and brilliant film, I must say.

movie goer
19 March 2020
this was a godsend movie. MUST WATCH REGARDLESS the plot, storyline and the characters matched up so well. Remember to take note of “distinct scent” in this movie

Michy Lee
22 February 2020
Gripping show
It started as a funny light hearted movie. Slowly grew dark in the middle. Love how they capture the disparity between the 2 families.

Michelle Tan Yin Keat
23 March 2020
A great movie to watch
Love the plot and make me realise how easy it is to get scammed. I love the ending too as it unexpected. Show both side of society.

17 July 2019
Full strars for this Korean film, best movie ever in Korean industry!!!! Please watch if you haven't! You will not regret

Demitri Muhammed
11 February 2020
Fantastic story
This is indeed one of the best movies I have watch to date. Simply the best. Unexpected ending, true pleasure to watch

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