Madam Chief Minister (2021)

NA / Hindi / / 124 min

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The world of politics has always been male-dominated and patriarchal. And women are usually trod upon and subjected to indignity. But Tara defied the norms; ever since she was born by avoiding being killed simply because she was born a female. At every stage of her life, she chose to debunk the men and society who tried to shackle and defeat her. A twist of fate led to a chance encounter with Master Surajbhan, an idealistic politician who works for the downtrodden and the socially-marginalised. He took her under his wings and started training her. Thus began Tara`s journey and growth in the world of politics, where she has to fight against patriarchy, caste oppression, and brutal violence along with the usual betrayals of politics to rise to the top with her head held high and affect change. Her journey to become Chief Minister Tara has been fraught with danger but she won the hearts of millions of people by her work and dedication.

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