Line Walker Movie Poster

Line Walker

PG13 / Mandarin / Drama / 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Director Jazz Boon 
Cast Louis Koo, Nick Cheung, Francis Ng 
Release Date 11 August 2016


Tham Wai Loong
19 August 2019
Great action movie
No connection to the first movie. Non stop action movie with some suspense. Worth the money and tine.

09 August 2019
Story plot is fantastic but ending sucks
The story plot makes you guess who is the real bad guy. It's very emotional with good plot. However the ending is too quick and sucks. Overall I admire all the actors

Joseph Ong
22 August 2019
Line Walker
Good story script, plot & intrigue suspense. I like the show very much, well written. It is emotional & don't who is the bad guy.

Dare to watch
12 August 2019
Suspense, mystery and intelligent crime thriller.
Nick Cheung nailed his character totally. The inner struggle between police and gangsters is quite noticable. The shootout in Brazil is impressive. The cinematography standing out as a major difference from the Hong Kong set scenes.

Karen Wong
11 August 2019
One of the best action movie
Wow wow wow Really nice ! Good acting skills between the 3 main male actors . Can really feel them !

13 August 2019
Good show!
Fantastic acting by Nick, Francis, Louis. Tons of adrenaline drained actions. Good storyline but abit sad though.

Joshua Chew
14 August 2019
Great Movie
Great movie, worth the watch. Much better than the 1st episode. Talking about brotherhood and friendship.

Sharon Han
01 September 2019
Emotional, thrilling and suspenseful
Cried, laughed and held my breath throughout the whole show. Really good movie!! PS: ending is really sad so brace yourself

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