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It: Chapter Two

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Director Andy Muschietti 
Cast James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Jay Ryan, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, James Ransone, Andy Bean, Bill Skarsgård 
Release Date 05 September 2019


June Tan
10 September 2019
3hr show and worth it

Ken Chew
14 September 2019
A Must-watch Movie
I went into “It Chapter 2” and was expecting more which follows up on the story of the Chapter 1, embracing myself with the inevitable scares and clowns, though I have experienced enough horror movies to predict the parts where jumpscares are about to happen... but what I have gotten back was so much more than that, the highlights of the movie were definitely about the character development and the relationship between Beverly, Bill and Ben. Also with the accompanying melancholic soundtracks played when the scene focuses on the characters in the near end of the movie is what completes the work and it displayed that the director really knew his work and the way to present it to the audience. I really enjoyed myself in the 3-hour long movie and I always will, major props to the casts, crew and the director, not forgetting Benjamin Wallfisch for such an uplifting experience.

07 September 2019
IT came back, the promise must be fulfil. It tells more than just their past childhood, of how life is with friendship. First time the second lead gets the girl instead of the lead. If you love chapter 1, chapter 2 won’t disappoint u at all. Totally love the movie & most importantly the storyline!

Debbie Boon
18 September 2019
It leaves you at the edge on your seats
Normally I m not one who loves horror. But for IT. It really amazes me, by the story plot and great casts. The only negative thing to me is that the music and sound effect scares the shit out of me. ( but I Guess it’s good for those who love a good scare )

21 September 2019
IT is not a horror film
it2 was great! if you're interested to find out how pennywise came about, it2 roughly explains it to you. if you're a #reddie fan, this movie is definitely designed for you! personally, i dont think viewers should come in watching it expecting it is a horror film because it is not! IT is about friendship and it just so happens to have a clown that kills people. really really great acting from the cast, the adult actors played their parts really well! so exciting to wastch them act on screen, especially bill hader and james ramsone

Nicolly Camily
08 September 2019
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Lim Shi Peng
07 September 2019
If you’re in for the jump scares I don’t think the movie offers too much of that, however, good enough for my liking. I didn’t anticipate the movie duration to be that Long but I wasn’t bored out by it as well. Overall, the construction of the movie is good.

10 September 2019
A worthy follow-up
It's a good enough sequel, but perhaps not as good as the first movie. Still worth a watch to see how the It story ends. The casting is so superb; for me that's the best part of this film. The casting director needs to get an Oscar, lol. I love how both the adult and child actors had screen time in this movie. Plot-wise, not very scary, but it's a satisfactory conclusion.

12 September 2019
Surprisingly, it was more funny than scary for me but some parts can be pretty bloody.....BTW, go to the toilet before getting in cos it's a long movie!

Siti Namirah
16 September 2019
IT Chapter 2
Not as good as the first chapter. Was expecting something different but ended up the ending was almost similar to the first chapter.

Cayden CoOlz
05 September 2019

Keith Jeremiah
06 September 2019
Fitting ending
Good movie and superb ending to the IT story touching at times especially the ending. Worth watching

Asybiel Seah
11 September 2019
This movie is 3hours long
This movie took a big plot change. Didn't expect it to be defeated in the end so easily. 3hours long abit draggy but overall better then some shark movie

Muhammed Ali
08 September 2019
Stunning movie
I love this movie its stunning especially the visual effects. Story plot was rather dragging but the visual effects was stunning. Story line was intresting

Zizie Raziaze
08 September 2019
Good movie
I like the movie. A great way to end it. But I wish it wasn’t as draggy though. Would recommend everyone to be prepared for the long 3 hours movie

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