Annabelle Comes Home Movie Poster

Annabelle Comes Home

PG13 / English / Horror / NA

Director Gary Dauberman 
Cast Mckenna Grace, Madison Iseman, Katie Sarife, Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga 
Release Date 27 June 2019


Emmanuel Soh
25 June 2019
Thrillingly exciting
Its jammed packed with good old jump scares and a very refreshing movie, at least better than the previous 2 Annabelle movies, ehats more PG 13 guys :)))

Gary Goh
26 June 2019
A little angry at the character that release the demon unknowingly. Her stupidness trigger this entire problem. However being angry makes the acting successful. The movie chose a teenager to make such silly decision which is a good plot and understandable. The girl was curious and native. Movie is intense and exciting. I felt the characters hopelessness as all the demon were activated. Worth spending the money to watch in cinema

June Tan
21 July 2019
good show to watch !!!

Michelle Tan Yin Keat
19 August 2019
Not a bad movie to watch
The movie is filled with a lot of demons. Some parts of the movie was rather predictable but overall it not a bad movie to watch.

Rose Jahan
23 September 2019
Actually it felt so short. But the movie is really worth it. It's more unexpected and really scary..

Teddy Rufus
26 June 2019
Nice Storyline
Definitely better then the last few series, although some of the scares are pretty predictable but overall the movie can still freak you out most of the time. Worth to watch.

26 June 2019
Draggy but funny
Some parts were pretty draggy(when too much emphasis is placed on building up the suspense leading up to annabelle). In fact, I like the parts on Bob. They r really funny!

27 June 2019
was expecting more
the prequel was better tbh. this one whole event takes place within a day like ???ok??? but the jumpscares were great and there were comedies at some scenes which everyone enjoyed.

Dare to watch
21 August 2019
Great tribute to Lorraine Warren. RIP.
Terrifiying experience in your life. It feels like you're in a Haunted House around some weirdo dolls. This story does echo familiar with certain thematics/aspects that we've seen in this film universe, with youth being the focal point surrounded by the paranormal phenomenon.

Steffi Tan
29 June 2019
Under expectation
Prequel is better. Everything happened too fast in a day. Though jump scares is good as always. Overall it was average.

James CCG
19 July 2019
Interesting storyline with plenty of scares. Expected more but was not disappointed either. Overall worth a watch.

Shanshan Tan
23 July 2019
I watched all annabelle show really like all the show

Salma Jack Soloman
04 August 2019
Story was so so
Another so-so horror movie and storyline was very normal. This kind of movie is not exciting anymore

24 August 2019
Tribute to the Loraine couple
This is a common name after the first movie was out. Horror doll Annabelle but this in particular was abit on the sad side where it shows the story of the babysitter friend

Vivian Lin
03 August 2019
Not scary
It was quite funny to see the characters come together and the demons were kinda fake and doesn’t make the movie as good it was previously

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